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Born in 1999 in West Flanders, Belgium, Yentl Tijssens remembers always being busy creating things as a child: everything from comic books and newspapers to board games and stop-motion videos. It was thus very natural that once he started playing piano at 7, he also started creating his own music for the instrument.

Always having considered the creation and performance of music intertwined with each other, Yentl is remembered in his local academy as the child who on his exam played his own music for piano and electronics next to the required repertoire. After studying classical and jazz piano at Kunsthumaniora Brussel, Yentl started his higher studies at LUCA School of Arts, campus Lemmens, where he studied both classical piano with Alessandro Cervino and composition with Kurt Bikkembergs and Maarten Van Ingelgem. He started his Masters with an Erasmus year at The Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Sweden, where he studied piano with Johan Fröst and composition with Per Mårtensson and Christofer Elgh. He now studies a Masters in composition with Jeroen D’hoe.

Known for his thirst for knowledge, Yentl delved into a varied range of topics within and outside of music, even if they weren’t part of the university curriculum. Next to his studies, you can find him deploying his skills in a diverse range of fields. This includes composing and playing organ for church masses, working together with audio engineers on cutting-edge technological experiments, improvising on silent movies, and organising intimate lecture-concerts for a wide audience in which he ties musical works together with an informative yet engaging narrative. Currently finishing up his studies, Yentl continues to seek not only the workings of music but also how to most effectively teach this knowledge to others.



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